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Our Mission: Give our customers the choice to have healthy pure living water that is better than anything you can buy


Choose Healthy Pure Living Water at home that is better than anything you can buy. The owner, Clay is a man with the drive to provide his family with the best quality water he could afford in 2011. Clay’s 15-year professional consulting background as a Hydrologist and Environmental Engineer provided a unique perspective regarding water health. He understood the value of high purity water and decided to purchase a reverse osmosis system and install a whole house filter.

He discovered how outrageous the prices can get for a quality product and installation. This business was created out of ingenuity. The best solution was to purchase in bulk and sell the equipment for his cost. Clay had the skills to install the reverse osmosis and charged for his labor. In doing this, Clay found a connection in providing the reverse osmosis system to families with his same agenda. Customers were ecstatic to have the highest quality product for an amazing price. City Water Filter was born with the goal to provide healthy pure living water to as many people as possible. Clay’s knowledge and expertise have continued to develop since. The products offered by City Water Filter also expanded to better serve this goal of targeting contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, and nitrates.

In Clay’s words; “My wife is a nurse at a dialysis clinic and I worked in dialysis for years while putting myself through college. Kidney failure is epidemic, as you have probably witnessed by all the dialysis clinics continuing to expand throughout our cities. We are exposed to many toxins in our air and water, especially in the Central Valley and urban centers where air quality can be very poor throughout the hot summer. It is very important to drink purified reverse osmosis water in order to purge the toxins from our bodies. Cancer patients are even recommended to drink water from reverse osmosis water filters. Athletes drink reverse osmosis water.”

Both Clay and Leah have strong interest in health and nutrition and believe that drinking and showering in an abundance of pure water is essential to good health and a long life. Water is just one vital aspect of living a more healthy life! Unfortunately, our environment is growing more toxic. We must create balance by eliminating as much pollution in our food, air, and water as possible. “We want you to have the best quality water so you have a higher quality life.

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