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Last winter was long and cold, as such many folks exceeded their normal supply of firewood and were left with no option except to purchase Unseasoned wood at Seasoned prices just to get through the winter, that is on you, not the supplier, however this should never ever happen.

Each year folks search for well seasoned firewood (< 20% moisture, preferably 15%), the early birds generally find some but as winter approaches and supplies dwindle, the potential of someone selling you Semi-seasoned wood as Seasoned increases greatly.

Most firewood suppliers exhaust their inventory each year. As such, the following years inventory was most likely split in the Spring, which is fine for many species of hardwood, however, if it’s very dense such as Oak, and Black Locust, it will take much longer to get the moisture content below 20% which is why I suggest seasoning it on your own in a smaller stack exposed to the sun and wind as opposed to sitting in a huge pile where fungus and mold get the best of the firewood.

Smokeys Firewood generally sells out of well seasoned firewood by mid October as I am a medium sized supplier, growing fast. I make a concerted effort to keep up with demand but come autumn, due to our reputation, it simply sells as fast as I can deliver it. Therefore, my wholehearted advice to anyone who seriously wants well seasoned firewood is to bite the bullet and purchase next years firewood this year.

What I can boast about is that our wood is exceedingly clean and professional looking. When I come across unsellable logs, well, we burn too, so that is ours.

I measure the firewood to 16?-17? but will process it up to 24″ upon request, shorter lengths cost more as it’s time consuming to process.

Remember, sooner or later you are going to purchase your wood, isn’t it a good idea to dig deep this season and get a couple extra cords for next year? It’s the wise approach.

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