Boss Plumbing

Boss Plumbing
826 Seward St, Central LA, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA
Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our mission at Boss Plumbing is to provide honest and reliable service at a competitive price. Our superb customer service begins from the moment calls are received and continues when a trained technician arrives at your job site. We schedule your call at your convenience. We work around your schedule and show up on time! Our specialty is same day service. We hope to hear from you!

As a teenager looking for summer employment, Asher decided to take the advice of his hard working father and work as a plumbing apprentice. The problem solving aspect of plumbing work, along with the interacting with people, appealed to him. A desk job lost its appeal and working in the field became his passion.

Multiple summers working as an apprentice led to Asher making the choice to pursue a lifelong career in plumbing contracting. In 1989, he earned a State License (C-36) and later an additional license to work on city sewer lines (C-42). Boss Plumbing was born. The company was established as a family run business and employees were hired. Many of these same employees remain with Boss Plumbing to this day.

Boss Plumbing was founded on the concept of providing skilled technicians with the tools they need to expertly perform the job. The focus is on quality over quantity. Professional technicians and excellent service equal an outstanding company that continues to surpass the competition.

With a full fleet of trucks and plumbers, apprentices and a full office staff, Asher continues to strive for excellence. With over 70,000 jobs completed, Asher works constantly to provide the best service in the industry.

Living true to his father’s advice, he now offers his children the same advice he once received. His grown children have also spent time working hard in the business before pursuing their own individual career paths.