Mel B Enterprises

Mel B Enterprises
475 Providence Main St NW #404, Huntsville, AL 35806
Opening Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

We are a marketing consultant firm teaching business how to officially and properly establish a business and in the correct mannar. We lead you step by step once we evaluate where your lack is and we go full speed ahead to bring you to where you should be in your business venture. PURPOSEFUL BUSINESS.

Mel•B Enterprises is your one stop consulting firm stop that helps all business types large or small do more than perform to.say you have a business. But, we educate you on how to prosper as a business. Not just how to make money but how to know and grow your brand and niche. Many business owner have a total lack of knowledge when it comes to the basics such as websites and how the need to be setup, video marketing business plans, business incorporation, social media management, business credit, business listings and the necessities of a fully functioning business. We not only take your company by the hand and help you line up tour brand from start to finish we continue to guide each client on their growth needs and current business growth plans. We help create a solid roadmap to get you to a successful predictable business. We meet you where you are.


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